• Five ways to use citrus scraps Source: The Kitchn

    Five ways to use citrus scraps

    Now that the hot season is approaching, there is nothing that compares to citrus fruits. And since this is by far the best time to consume them, it's normal that you will have some scraps and peelings left over. While most people simply throw them away, I think that using them cleverly will make you even healthier and smarter. Here are some ways you can use scraps and peelings:

    1.Cleaning. Greasy messes can be cleaned with nothing more than some lemon. Before trying a commercial cleaner, try this: Apply salt or baking soda to the areas that need cleaning. Add some lemon juice and scour. This works on most surfaces, but be careful with sensitive ones, like marble.

    2.Dye fabric. Try pomegranate peelings. Add peelings to water in a large pan (big enough to hold the fabric later). Let it sit over night and then, the next day, simmer it on the stove. Next, remove the peelings and submerse the wet fabric. Simmer it gently for one hour and allow it to cool overnight. Remove the fabric and rinse it with cool water.

    3.Make zest. Zest can add flavor to a lot of dishes. Grate the peelings of any citrus fruit. If you don’t need the zest right away, it can be stored in a baggie in the freezer.

    4.Moisturizer. Use the fresh peelings of avocado to rub on your face, neck, or hands. The peelings make for a great and rich moisturizer. Remember that it has to be fresh peelings.


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