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    Four Tips to Extending the Shelf Life of Produce

    You make time to go to the market and buy fruits and vegetables for the next few days. When you get home, you are excited about how you would consume your newly-bought produce. But then the thought of the edible's expiration will suddenly strike you and you will rush to have everything used up before it goes rotten. You will end up having to go back to the market again the next day and the same story happens the following day.

    You have to learn how to extend the shelf life of produce you buy. Your hard-earned money should not go to waste. Even your precious time should not be spent with frequent trips to the market when you can prolong the shelf life of produce in simple ways. Here are four tips you should take into account to prolong the freshness of vegetables and fruits.

    1. Make your purchase from a specialty store. Produce from farmers market are relatively fresher. These have just been harvested, which mean these have longer shelf life.
    2. Immediately store the produce when you get home from the market. When you go out to shop for food, make sure the last things you buy are fruits and vegetables. This way, you do not have to leave your produce somewhere hot, such as in your car, while you travel home.
    3. Protect the produce from too much cold. Wrap them in a lint-free kitchen towel or put it into a produce plastic bag before you put them in the fridge. If you prefer putting the produce in the drawer, make it a habit to put them in a bag before storing.
    4. After a few days in the fridge, veggies like roots, herbs and lettuce can be revived by placing them in a bowl of ice water. Keep the produce in the bowl for 10 minutes and then put back in the fridge inside a produce bag or kitchen towel.



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