• MCMC nature-distilled Fragrances Source: Peper and Parlor

    MCMC nature-distilled Fragrances

    Founder, Anne McClain blends earthy eclectic scents to make unique fragrances that linger and tell a story. Her products include perfume oils, perfumes, and home fragrances. They are distilled from plants, flowers, and trees and hence, the name!

    MCMC fragrances: 

    1. NOBLE: The sensual intoxicating scent of Indian Jasmine and burning incense combined with the fiery and earthy Vetiver, accented with amber and musk make it ethereal with a floral woody smell. 

    2. MAINE: An unusual blend of absolute Bulgarian rose, sage, Somalian myrrh and French seaweed conveys the scents of the sea, air, and the pine forests. This is a romantic signature scent with the wild smell of roses surrounded by warm ocean breeze. 

    3. KEPT:  This exotic fragrance is a blend of red roses and black tea with a subtle dash of leather, cloves, and amber.


    4. PHOENIX: The blend of peach and vanilla lingers on your skin without overpowering your senses. The peach and cherry blossom pops and pulsates with the Tunisian Neroli and light vanilla. 


    5. LOVE: It is a unique blend of Japanese Yuzu citrus, French sweet basil, and Chinese magnolia. The smell lasts forever.


    6. GARDEN: For men and women, this scent is inspired by ‘Ananda Harvest’ a group of urban farmers in New York. It is a blend of essential oils of red thyme, myrtle, lavender, lemon, and bitter orange. 

    7. HUNTER: The blend of tobacco, organic Bourbon vanilla and balsam fir reminds one of the great outdoors.


    8.  MAUI: Ginger with frangipani, tuberose, and green bamboo display the essence of freedom entwined with calmness and laziness.

    9. DUDE NO.1: Virginia cedar wood, creamy sandalwood, and smoky Haitian vetiver - accented by spicy ginger and pink peppercorn with a dash of Moroccan rose.




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